Latin Foods & Covid-19...

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When January of 2020 started we felt years away from creating an online store. The amount of work to upkeep online inventory levels and fulfill orders is surprisingly enormous, add on top the extra accounting that it would require and you really are opening up a second store.

During the uncertainty of Covid-19 we were told to stay open. Selling groceries meant we were an essential service however this did not change the fact that we felt uneasy about being open during a global pandemic. At first our store was empty, slowly we started to have our regular customers come in and thank us for being open because so many places were unavailable. They always thanked us for staying open. We realized then how many customers living in our area depended on us.

April 2020 we launched and we were stunned at the support and love we received for offering curbside pickup and local delivery. Unfortunately we are not tech savvy and we definitely have a lot to work on to make our website the best it can be, so we apologize in advance if you come across some unprofessional looks.

We want to take a moment to stand back and thank you for all of your support. It means the world to us. It is the reason we have been able to stay open this entire time.

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Sandra Lemus
Sandra Lemus
Congratulations! I have seen how your store has grown through all the last 15 years at least in good and bad times. Sonia and Family, I am so proud of the Mexican-Canadian courage.

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